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Notes on the website and its contents
As the database is being seen by me mainly as a source of historical information, the issue of it being kept up-to-date at all times is not seen as being all that important. It will, however, be updated as opportunities arise during the year. For absolute up-to-date information on aircraft registration details, the official CAA website should be consulted.

A work of this kind cannot be undertaken without the cooperation of a lot of people and a lot of other sources.

The main sources of information listed on this website include – but are not limited to – the Aircraft Registration Department of the Danish Civil Aviation Administration, whose personnel have offered invaluable assistance over the years, Erik Holm, who helped compiling the basic material and co-authored the Air-Britain Archive Special No. 2, which was published in 1987, Air-Britain and – since its formation 2 years ago – NORARC, and especially its founder, Paul Compton of Nordic Aviation Research.

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Comments, criticism and suggestions will be very welcome. For feedback on the database, contact , and for technical matters regarding the website itself, contact .

The database contains the following information:
Registration letters: In case of more than one entry into the database, a sequence number is added. This is for purely database reasons and does not necessarily imply re-use of the registration (i.e. reservations not taken up, restoring of aircraft formerly registered, etc).
Competition number: Marks issued to gliders and motor gliders by Dansk Svæveflyver Union and painted on the aircraft. These marks are being reused, and dates of allocation are not known.
Manufacturer: This is the name of the design organisation responsible for the design and certification of the type. It does not necessarily reflect who is the actual holder of the type certificate, but is chosen arbitrarily by me to show the relationships (e.g. Cessna, even if aircraft were built by Reims Aviation).
Builder: Actual builder of the aircraft.
Previous Identities: Registrations formerly allocated to the aircraft. If known not to have been officially registered with those marks the letters are in a parenthesis (test marks, reserved marks, etc). The sequence is with the most recent shown first.
Constructors Serial Number (c/n): Serves as a unique identification of the airframe (in most, but not all cases!). For database sorting purposes, the format of the c/n has in certain cases (e.g. Beech 200) been prefixed with one or more "0" in order to make up identical numbers of digits (e.g. BB-0195 instead of BB-195).
Registration date: This is the official date for issue of the first Certificate of Registration (CoR). This may have been preceded by a temporary registration. The date of this is shown with the corresponding CoR. In cases where only a temporary CoR was issued, the registration date will be shown with a "T" suffix. In cases where the registration letters are only reserved, the reservation date will be shown with an "R" suffix.
Fate: This gives the reason for cancellation as well as subsequent registrations and history – as known.
Owner: The registered owner of the aircraft. If more than one owner, the one being the contact will be shown with the number of additional co-owners shown in a parenthesis (+3).
CoR: The number of the Certificate of Registration. All CoRs issued are contained in the database. For each aircraft, the most recent is shown first.
Town: The postal town of the owner.
User: Where the aircraft is leased from a foreign owner, the registered user (and a possible name of the aircraft) is listed here.
Notes: Contains other relevant information which does not fit into other columns.

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